Cordyline rubra (ASPARAGACEAE); Red-fruited palm lily



Red Fruited Lily Palm
Cordyline rubra fruit - Paul Donatiu 2002
Slender, medium shrub to 3m in subtropical and riverine rainforest and riverine vegetation, north from the Clarence River, NSW.

Leaves similar to C stricta, but blades broader to 50cm by 5.5cm, and distinct petioles to 11cm by 5mm.

Flowers whitish to mauve, in drooping clusters, from Sept to Oct.

Fruit a glossy, scarlet berry, ripe from Dec to March.

Suitable for shady gardens or as an understorey plant. The fruit and flowers are ornamental.

Propagate from fresh seed, suckers and stem cuttings, which strike easily.

Fruit eaten by birds.

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Red Fruit Palm Lily
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Flower spike - Bruce Noble - 2001
Flower spike & foliage - Bruce Noble - 2001