Clerodendrum tomentosum (VERBENACEAE); Hairy lolly bush

Hairy Lollybrush - foliage & flowers
Clerodendrum tomentosum flower &foliage - Kenneth McClymont 2002
Shrub-small tree up to about 10m tall in subtropical, dry, littoral and warm temperate rainforest. Ranging from Batemans Bay, NSW to Cape York, Nth QLD.

Flowers are white and fragrant in clusters in leaf axils or branchlet ends and appear September-January.

Fruit is a blue/black shiny drupe 5-8mm diameter and is seated in a red calyx. Fruit is ripe January-May.

Large, fragrant flowers and colourful fruit make this an ornamental plant for the garden. It is a very hardy plant. Tip: prune to keep bushy, though it can naturally clump out with root suckers which are readily produced.

Not edible.

Propagate from fresh seed and possibly cuttings.

Aborigines made a decoction from the wood of this plant that was drunk for aches and pains. They also used this plant as an indicator of subterranean water supplies.