Lophostemon confertus (MYRTACEAE); Brush box

Brush Box
Lophostemon confertus, foliage & flowers - Derek Boddington 2002
Tall tree to 35m in forest, much shorter and many-branched in littoral rainforest. Bark rough on lower part of trunk, smooth and pinkish on upper trunk and branches. Found in and on the margins of various types of rainforest. Endemic to Australia, ranging from Newcastle in NSW to Bowen in Nth. Qld. The box brush is a unique tree in that its distribution is dependent upon soil moisture availability.

Simple leaves, appearing in whorls toward branchlet ends; blade glossy dark green above, paler below. Leaves are elliptical to ovate, 6-15 cm long.

Creamish/white flowers about 25 mm in diameter, five petals, stamens prominent and numerous. Flowers October to December.

Capsule fruit, green/brown, bell-shaped with flat top. Numerous seeds. Ripe June to November.

Valuable host tree for orchid growers.

Tiny seeds should be mixed with dry sand for even distribution when sowing. Germinates easily.

Favourite tree for bee-keepers and widely planted as a park or street tree.