Alloxylon pinnatum (PROTEACEAE); Tree waratah, Qld waratah

Image: Flower (red)
Image: Foliage and pink flower

Image: Flower (red)

Tree Waratah
Photo: Derek Boddington Mt Nebo
A medium tree to 24 m, smaller in cultivation. Growing in warm temperate rainforest in Northen New South Wales and South-eastern Queensland at higher altitudes (above 700m).

(Previously known as Oreocallis pinnata)

Flowers in terminal corymbs (flat topped infloresence) pink to red in colour. Flowering from spring to autumn.

Leaves are alternate and either simple or pinnate (feather like) up to 15 cm long.

Fruit a folicle contaning winged seeds 3cm x 1 cm, ripe late summer to winter.

Propagation by seed and cuttings. Grown in cultivation for its stunning flowers which have a prolonged vase life.

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Alloxylon pinnatum flower & leaf (Springbrook) - Bruce Noble 2005
Alloxylon from Allos (Greek) meaning different and from xylon meaning wood. Pinnatum from pinna (latin) for feather, refering to the shape of the leaves.