Hernandia bivalvis (HERNANDIACEAE); Grease nut

Grease Nit
Hernandia bivalvis - fruit - BRAIN 2003
Small tree 6 - 12m in dry rainforest and vinescrubs throughout Southeastern Qld.

Flowers are cream. Clusters appear in spring.

Fruit is red or orange fleshy bracts which overlap, enclosing an ovoid nut. Ripe Feb - Apr.

Spectacular and unusual fruit makes this species an outstanding small tree for gardens.

Is edible. Kernel contains up to 65% oil.

Seed germinates erratically and begins after about a month but can take up to 1 1/2 years.

Seeds were roasted and eaten by Aborigines.

Now listed as rare, this plant was once a common species growing on the banks of the Brisbane River and its tributaries.

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Grease Nut
Hernandia bivalvis - flower - BRAIN 2003