Jagera pseudorhus var. pseudorhus (SAPINDACEAE); Foambark tree, pink foambark

Jagera pseudorhus, trunk - Kenneth McClymont 2002
Small-medium tree up to 15m tall found in subtropical, dry and littoral rainforest and the sclerophyll forest ecotone from Manning River, NSW to Bloomfield River, Nth QLD.

Flowers are yellow/brown on branched stalks from branchlet ends from March-April.

Fruit is a densely hairy, brown capsule splitting into three segments with a single black seed in each. Ripe August-September.

Yes, it has ornamental compound foliage and fruit. A very hardy plant.

Propagate from fresh seed

Bark was used by the Aborigines as a fish poison. It was also used as a foaming agent for beer during World War 1.

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Foam Bark