Jasminum volubile (OLEACEAE); Stiff jasmine

Stiff Jasmine
Jasminum simplicifolium, foliage & fruit - Kenneth McClymont 2002
(Prev. known as J. simplicifolium ssp. australiense)

A vigorous, woody twining vine which can grow into the rainforest canopy, found in most types of rainforest and the rainforest ecotone in Cape York, Qld to Illawarra, NSW, Northern Territory, Northern Western Australia and overseas.

Simple leaves, opposite, ovate-elliptical up to 8cm long and 4cm wide ranging from yellowish-dark green with a stiff texture.

Flowers are white, up to 6mm long and borne in axillary cymes. They are heavily fragrant and borne from August-November or at other times after rain.

Fruit is a shiny black, globular berry. Ripe March-August.

Suitable for small/large gardens especially when sited near windows where the sweet scent of the flowers can be appreciated.

From fresh seed with the aril removed.

This plant can be pruned into a bushy shrub or trained to climb over a trellis, etc. The stems are known to form amazing, sculptural contortions when growing in the forest.