Zanthoxylum brachyacanthum (RUTACEAE); Thorny yellow-wood, satinwood

Thorny Yellowwood
Zanthoxylum brachyacanthum - foliage - Kenneth McClymont 2002
Small to medium tree to 15m, found in subtropical, dry and riverine rainforests from Clarence R, NSW to Eungella, Nth QLD.

Branchlets with scattered short, thin prickles, becoming much more stout on older stems and branches.

Leaves pinnately compound with up to 18 glossy, hairless, lanceolate-ovate leaflets 4-11cm long.

Flowers pink/cream to red/yellow in short bunches at branchlet ends, from October to December.

Fruit a dark red wrinkled capsule 8-10mm long, splitting into two valves and with a single black seed inside. Ripe February to May.

Propagate from fresh seed, which germinates erratically.