Sterculia quadrifida (STERCULIACEAE); Peanut tree

Peanut Tree
Sterculia quadrifida - foliage & fruit - Paul Donatiu 2002
Medium tree to 18m, found in dry, riverine and littoral rainforests from Coraki, NSW to Nthn Aust and PNG.

Leaves simple, alternate but often in pseudo-whorls, ovate or heart-shaped and 5-12cm long; shiny bright green on both sides with long petioles, swollen at both ends. Young leaves and stalks often hairy.

Flowers inconspicuous, creamy-white and lemon-scented, from Nov to Jan.

Fruit a large, eye-catching red capsule with about 8 shiny black seeds.

Handsome, ornamental tree, deciduous in cooler areas. Requires good drainage.

Edible raw or roasted; seeds taste similar to peanuts.

Propagate from very fresh seed, which germinates easily and quickly, sometimes within 3 days.

Used by aborigines in N Aust to treat wounds and stings.

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Peanut Tree
Sterculia quadrifida - trunk - Bruce Noble 2002
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Peanut Tree
Sterculia quadrifida - fruit - Paul Donatiu 2002