Schizomeria ovata (CUNONIACEAE); Crabapple, white cherry, white birch, snowberry, humbug

White cherry/birch, Crab-apple, Snowberry or Humbug
Schizomeria ovata, foliage & fruit - David Somerville 2002
Medium to tall tree to 35m, found in subtropical, temperate and ecotonal forests from Mt Dromedary, SE NSW to Fraser Island in SE Qld.

Trunk often buttressed.

Leaves simple, opposite or in whorls of 3, with irregularly serrated margins; ovate to elliptical, 7-18 cm in length.

Flowers small, white and tubular. Appear Sept to Nov.

Fruit a globular to apple-shaped drupe, creamy-white or yellowish. Ripe April to July.

This tree grows to between 10 and 15 metres when grown in the open and has dense foliage with attractive new growth. Requires a sheltered site for best establishment.

Edible; fruit was eaten by aboriginal Australians.

Propagate from fresh seed which may be slow to germinate. Cuttings strike readily.

The ceiling, upper walls and seats of the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House are panelled with white birch (Schizomeria ovata) plywood/veneer. Fruit is eaten by rainforest frugivores.