Elattostachys nervosa (SAPINDACEAE); Beetroot tree, green tamarind

Green Tamarind
Elattostachys nervosa - foliage & flower - BRAIN 2003
Tree to 30m. Found in all types of rainforest, especially along scrubby watercourses. From Paterson, NSW to Gympie, Qld.

Flowers are yellow/brown racemes Mar to May.

Fruit is red/pink woody capsule opening in 3 parts exposing a pink velvety lining inside. Ripe Jul - Nov.

This species has attractive foliage (new growth is beetroot in colour) and colourful fruit

Not edible.

Fresh seed germinates readily within 2 weeks. Soak in cold water for a day to kill grubs.

Seeds are eaten by birds.