Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

Web Upgrade Project

In October 2005 ToadShow began upgrading the web site as an in kind contribution to BRAIN.

The upgrade installed a content management System known as "Toadal Control". Manuals to this system are attached below. Please contact Rob Whyte for access to the administration.

User manual - Toadal Control V2 (basic) - These are the basic concepts and instructions
User Manual - Toadal Control V2 (advanced) - There are several features you might not ever use, but for those who want to know...
Notes on preparing web images - Useful for beginners new to Photoshop
ToadShow's Web site - From ToadShow's home page you can find more information on their company, staff, and web packages. There are downloadable PDFs about ToadShow and Toadal Control. ToadShow's site also uses Toadal Control, of course.
email Robert Whyte - the administration is easy, and browser based, so available to BRAIN members upon request. Please let us know if you have an interest in updating the web site.