Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

Exploring Oxley Creek, November 18

Exploration took place on a grey, humid day that gave a genuine sweaty rainforest atmosphere to the trip. Ken had obtained permission for us to have a nosy along the left (west) bank of the creek, upstream from the Ipswich Rd bridge. We spent a lot of time pushing through thigh high rank grass, negotiating hidden logs or climbing through, under and over Parsonsia and Cat's claw vines. This made our discoveries all the more rewarding!

The overall impression is of riverine vegetation dominated by Cat's claw creeper (Macfadyena unguis-cati). It has climbed up many of the trees and killed them (lack or light & collapsed canopy) whilst in between these festooned poles, a carped of Cat's claw acts as a ground cover with no other species present. Scary. It is currently in bloom with pretty yellow flowers that belie its insidious nature. However, struggling amidst the Cat's claw & where it had not yet penetrated, we discovered the following:

Species name Common name Observations
Maclura cochinchinensis Thorny cockspur
Streblus brunonianus Whalebone tree common; flowering
Cryptocarya triplinervis Three veined laurel common; some fruiting
Parsonsia straminea Monkey rope/Silk pod rampant, groundcover and vine
Grevillea robusta Silky oak mature & seedlings
Geitonoplesium cymosum Scrambling lily
Callistemon salignus White bottlebrush some v. large individuals
Casuarina glauca Swamp oak
Elaeocarpus obovatus Blueberry ash unripe fruit; 3-5m diameter trunk
Jagera pseudorhus Foambark
Malaisia scandens Burney vine common; flowering
Alphitonia excelsa Red ash some ripe fruit
Lophostemon suaveolens Swamp box
Cupaniopsis anacardioides Tuckeroo
Notelaea longifolia Native olive long leathery leaf
Ficus coronata Sandpaper fig some showing cauliflori i.e. fruit on trunk
Acacia aulacocarpa Hickory wattle ripe seeds
Ottochloa gracillima (native grass) uncommon
Cupaniopsis parvifolia Small leaved tuckeroo
Pittosporum revolutum Hairy pittosporum
Ficus obliqua Small leaved fig
Glochidion ferdinandi Cheese tree unripe fruit
Melaleuca quinquenervia Paper bark tea tree
Bridelia exaltata Scrub ironbark The 'iron' bark is distinctive. 1m diameter. Small-leaved Moreton Bay fig climbing it.
Clerodendrum tomentosum Hairy lolly bush unripe fruit
Morinda jasminoides Morinda common; flowering; groundcover & vine.
Crinum pedunculatum Crinum lily
Eucalyptus tereticornis Queensland blue gum
Leptospermum brachyandrum (tea tree or may bush) flowering
Aphananthe philippinensis Native elm
Flagellaria indica Whip vine
Alstonia constricta Quinine bush
Stephania aculeata Prickly snake vine prickly stem
Stephania japonica Snake vine
Melia azedarach White cedar
Smilax australis Barbwire vine
Rhodomyrtus psidioides Native Guava
Callistemon viminalis Weeping bottlebrush
Persicaria attenuatum (smart or knot weed)
Juncus sp. A rush
Ripogonium album White supplejack prickly
Austrosteenisia blackii Blood vine
Acmena smithii Lilly pilly flowering

Other weed species present included;

Macfadyena unguis-cati Cat's claw creeper dominant weed
Cinnamomum camphora Camphor laurel
Schinus terebinthifolia Broad leaved pepper tree
Baccharis halimifolia Groundsel bush a few individuals
Celtis sinensis Chinese elm
Ipomoea indica Morning glory
Passiflora subpeltata White passion flower
Eichhornia crassipes water hyacinth (noxious weed) clumps sitting in the swollen river waiting to spread
Erythrina christagalli Coxscomb coral tree